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Opened in January 2024, Float Tofino is Tofino’s newest and most amazing self-care experience.  We are a family owned and operated business within the beautiful community of Tofino, in the heart of the Tla-o-qui-aht Territory.  

Float Tofino is a restricted environmental stimulation experience where you enter a “pod” that is full of about 12 inches of water, and 1200lbs of Epsom Salt and you float.  Your float can include lights and sound, or you can opt for a sensory deprivation environment and be in a dark and silent space. The water and the air are heated to the same temperature as your body so you get in, and feel NOTHING. Take your meditation practice to the next level, float away aches and pains in a weightless hour, strip away your anxiety and stress, recover from strenuous activity, tap into your creative juices, or just enjoy some silence in this very over-stimulating world.  The benefits of floating in magnesium rich Epsom Salt are endless.  Come see for yourself!

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