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Floatation Therapy

During your 75 min session, experience 60 relaxing minutes of uninterrupted floating in our state of the art float tanks. Choose between our V2 Dream Pod or our larger V-Max Dream Pod to float effortlessly in 10'' of warm water containing 1200lbs of Epsom Salts. Due to the extreme positive buoyancy provided by the water solution, there is a complete absence of gravitational force on the body. Consequently, individuals experience the remarkable sensation of effortlessly floating in mid-air.

All of Float Tofino's 75-minute sessions include time for a pre and post float shower. We provide everything you could possible need for your experience, including reusable complimentary earplugs, towels, robe, slippers, soaps/conditioners and of course, a floating pillow (HALO). 



1 x 75 min float session



1 x 75 min float per month

Additional floats for $50

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Float Bundles


3 Float Bundle

3 x 75 min float sessions


5 Float Bundle

5 x 75 min float sessions


10 Float Bundle

10 x 75 min float sessions

What We Offer

We offer Floatation Therapy in 75 minute sessions (one hour spent floating.)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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